Marines Test Badass Buggy Bristling With Guns [VIDEO]

Not every form of terrain is friendly to standard vehicles, making utility vehicles (UTVs) a popular alternative to trucks and larger options that can’t navigate undeveloped areas without clear roadways. Now, Marines are testing an off-road all-electric high-performance UTV, the Nikola NZT, complete with guns, which has a battery pack that is more capable than those found in passenger cars.

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The Nikola NZT, according to a report by Electrek, is available with a 125 kWh battery pack, providing the UTV with up to 555 hp. The standard version was also modified with the military in mind, creating the Nikola Reckless UTV which was named after Staff Sgt. Reckless, a decorated warhorse.

Nikola’s Director of Defense, Andy Christian, discussed the Nikola Reckless, saying, “It is a workhorse with a never-quit attitude. Its unique battery allows you to take energy from it and power anything, even a command center.”

“It has an infrared beam that can be used with night vision and a remote weapons system machine gun that can be controlled by a joystick anywhere in the vehicle,” Christian added. “It’s light enough to go on an MV-22 Osprey.”

There are multiple potential configurations for the Nikola Reckless, including options with 7.62mm machine guns, 40mm MK19 automatic grenade launchers, 12.7mm guns, and even Javelin anti-tank guided missiles.

The consumer version of the Nikola NZT comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $28,900 with the performance version costing more than $50,000.

According to the company, the Nikola Reckless will cost around $85,000 based on the various upgrades designed to meet the needs of the military.

Marines have been testing various prototypes of the Nikola Reckless to determine how it may be used in combat and if any changes may be needed.