USAF F-35s Receive Full Combat Capability Upgrades [VIDEO]

Due to its expensive and much-delayed production, many thought the F-35 would never actually see the light of day. Millions of dollars over budget and delay after delay made this state-of-the-art fighter jet seem like a pipe dream that would never be completed. This fear was put to rest after the first Lockheed Martin jet rolled off the assembly line and into the air.

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As other countries received their F-35s, some voiced concerns about the lack of weapon demonstration. Again, this concern was laid to rest as, slowly but surely, F-35s that were sent to the United States Air Force arrived with full weapon capability.

According to Popular Mechanics, two lucky Air Force squadrons are scheduled to soon receive F-35s with full weapons capability.

Previously, countries who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the F-35 were given the plane but lacked the Block 3F software that gives the planes advanced weapon capability.

The software, which includes advanced tracking methods and improvements to sensors, allows the F-35 to use its full range weapons and short-range weapons.

The 34th Fighter Squadron located in Utah will be receiving the jets with full weapons capability next month, reports indicate. President Trump has spoken about using the F-35s in North Korea if tension between the two countries does not subside.

The Department of Defense is estimating that it will have over 100 F-35s in the Pacific by 2020, The Drive reported.

The stealth fighter jet would be a difficult jet for North Korean troops to fight against due to their country’s lack of anti-air missiles. The F-35 would be hard to spot even with advanced core nations abilities. North Korea wouldn’t stand a chance against one F-35 and certainly not against 100 of the jets.

The 3F software will have some final finishing touches done before it is sent to active squadrons throughout the world. There is no real indication how well the F-35 will fare against a nation like Russia or China, but it’s safe to assume we’ll find out sooner or later.

Check out the F-35 running a weapons test below.