U.S. Navy Seeking $300 Million to Fund Lasers Weapons

The United States military is always looking for an edge when it comes to being prepared for a war. President Trump recommended we show the militaries prowess by having a military parade. The U.S. Navy thought of a better way to show we still have the worlds largest and most powerful military — by funding laser weaponry.

The Navy has asked for a $300 million fund to look into the development of a family of lasers. In the request, the Navy declared they would be looking into three separate forms of lasers: the Surface Navy Laser Weapon System (SNLWS), Optical Dazzling Interdictor (ODIN) and the Solid State Laser.

Each of these advanced laser weaponry will be used to deal with specific enemy scenarios, according to Popular Mechanics.

The SNLWS, which goes by the codename ” Project 3402,” has been estimated to use 60-kilowatt to power the laser. The Navy hopes to use the SNLWS to protect ships in its fleet.

Predominantly, this state-of-the-art method would be used to destroy any possible drone strikes aimed towards the ships it protects. The Navy is aiming to have this laser weapon completed by 2020.

The ODIN is aimed to blind and confuse enemy drones. These advanced methods of deterring enemy drones from coming close to U.S. ships signifies the Navy may be more concerned about drone strikes from enemy countries.

Surprisingly, the ODIN has already been funded in a separate bill and is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

The last laser being put forth to the Pentagon is the 150-kilowatt laser called a Solid State Laser. It will reportedly consist of a strong constant laser beam that could obliterate its target.

These weapons are indications that the railgun the military has been so excited over in past years may be scrapped. Reports from various outlets claim the railgun has been harder to get working than originally intended.

It’s not clear if these laser systems are looking to replace the railgun, or if these two weapons are being produced side by side.