The US Navy’s New Superweapon Just Passed Its Next Test. The Results are Devastating. [VIDEO]

The United States military is always looking for advanced equipment and weaponry in order to ensure the US remains a superpower to be feared. One weapon that numerous countries have expressed interest in is the railgun. The US just released a video showing they have incorporated the weapon into their arsenal and have successfully fired it.

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The Office of Naval Research explained how the weapon works and its use of an electromagnetic pulse to fire the weapon.

“The revolutionary railgun relies on a massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles – and at speeds that exceed Mach 6,” they wrote.

The video takes place at the Naval Surface Warfare Center testing facility in Virginia. The multi-shot salvo railgun has been in development since 2005 according to CNET.

There has been little new information on the gun in the years leading up to 2017, but if this video is any indication of where the future of military weaponry is going, other countries should definitely be on their toes.

The only publicly known issue regarding this technology is the lack of being able to fire it in rapid succession — a concern that has begun to be laid to rest, an ONR spokesperson told Business Insider.

“Initial rep-rate fires (repetition rate of fires) of multi-shot salvos already have been successfully conducted at low muzzle energy. The next test sequence calls for safely increasing launch energy, firing rates and salvo size,” the spokesperson said.

The ONR said in a recent press release that they plan on having 20-megajoule railguns by the end of 2017, and 32-megajoule railguns by the end of 2018. When asked what happens to the railgun’s target, an ONR spokesperson explained its the equivalent of being impacted by a one-ton vehicle traveling at 160 miles per hour.

Needless to say, we seem to be inching closer and closer to the railgun becoming an actual possibility. It may finally no longer be simply a military folktale.