Laser-Equipped Military ATVs Will Help Soldiers Blast Drones Out of the Sky

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a versatile form of transport, allowing military members to access areas that aren’t as easily reached by larger vehicles. Soon, a variant armed with laser weapons may assist in the fight against enemy drones, giving troops a highly mobile form of defense that can blast the flying crafts out of the sky.

The Raytheon laser weapons can be mounted to the military Polaris Defense ATVs, or MRZRs, and will soon give service members a method for destroying enemy drones before they can harm troops or gather intel.

MRZRs can maneuver through rough terrain with greater ease, when compared to many larger vehicles, allowing them to reach positions that may otherwise be unattainable. Further, they have the ability to reach speeds of around 60 mph and can carry approximately 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, depending on the model.

The laser weapon can then be deployed, giving them the ability to target enemy drones and neutralize them.

As long as a power source is available, the laser weapon won’t run out of ammunition, according to a report by Fox News. It is estimated that the weapon can deliver between 20 and 30 blasts on a single charge, which only requires access to a standard 220v outlet.

Additionally, it is said to have the ability to detect and hit drones at altitudes over 16,400 feet thanks to the lasers combined electro-optical and infrared sensors.

The solution is being hailed as a significant advancement in the fight against enemy drones, giving service members a solid method for protecting themselves from these airborne threats.

The Raytheon laser weapon-equipped MRZR has yet to hit the battlefield, though many hope it will soon be available in combat areas.

Many believe the threat of enemy drones is only growing, particularly since low-cost “hobby sized” versions are readily available and can provide enemy forces with a means of conducting surveillance or carrying explosives.