Watch an F-35 and Drones Team Up in New ‘Call to Action’ Air Force Video

Less than a week ago, the Air Force released a new video, titled “Air Force 2030 – Call to Action.” The caption on the nearly five-minute clip indicates its purpose, saying, “The Air Force is ready to listen to your ideas on how we continue our technological advantage and meet the national security challenges of 2030 and beyond.”

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During the introduction, a variety of technological advancements and objectives are highlighted. It also discusses a bit of the history behind the Air Force Research Laboratory as well as “the importance of scientific research” and how research and development led to new innovations.

However, the introduction isn’t the most enticing part of the video.

Later in the video, near the 3:10 mark, a scenario plays out, showing an F-35 flying alongside some unique companions.

While the scenario is fictitious and the footage is a digital rendering, a creation of the Air Force Research Lab, it provides a glimpse into where the Air Force hopes to be in 2030.

As reported by Popular Mechanics, the video features an F-35A fighter cutting across the sky, looking to take out an enemy bunker that is highly protected.

The F-35 isn’t alone. Instead, it has several companion aircraft fighting alongside. But, instead of all of them having their own crew, the F-35’s wingmen are semiautonomous drones, all under the control of the F-35 pilot.

There are also potential advancements highlighted in the video, possible future capabilities for flight suits and weapons.

The video closes with the statement, “Today’s research is tomorrow’s Air Force technology. The United States Air Force is seeking the next great research idea that will yield the next great capability. Help the Air Force invent the future today.”