The Marines Haven’t Run a Super Bowl Ad in 30 years. This Year That Changes. [Video]

The Marine Corps is breaking with tradition in 2018 and airing their first Super Bowl ad in 30 years. The commercial, called “A Nation’s Call” is aimed at a new generation of Americans. The 30-second spot will highlight the Marine’s technological sophistication, and amphibious landing capabilities, but has a deeper message for potential recruits.

The version that will air during the Super Bowl will be broadcast to those watching online. A longer version of the ad has been released ahead of the games, and can be viewed below.

“I’m trying to enlist 18- to 24-year-olds,” Maj. Gen. Paul Kennedy, head of recruitment for the Marine Corps, told Fox News. “And they tend to be cord-cutters. They take in entertainment differently and they tend to do it on a device rather than a television.”

“This ad talks to the fighting spirit of young people that have come up through high school,” he said. “We want young, tough, smart warriors that want to continue to seek challenges, and we’re seeking them from men and women from all walks of life.”

The ad is expected to reach at least 20 million of these cord cutters.

As the ad plays, the planes and landing craft all fall away. The computer animations are aimed at the younger audience and have an oddly cinematic feel to them, but it is the human element that shines forth in the leadership viewers will see on screen, and that’s the real purpose of this commercial.

The appeal is clearly for high school graduates or those on the traditional 4-year college path who are looking for something more meaningful in their lives. The invasion at the end is set in what could well be the Middle East. The Marines, though, have been practicing in northern Europe, too, as all eyes look toward Russia and North Korea as potential threats.