Navy SEALs Use Magnetic Climbing Gear and Modded Jet Skis During Training Exercise

Keen observers spied Navy SEALs using a familiar, but modified, vehicle during training exercises. The Yamaha personal watercraft was largely black and grey, and seen as it approached the USS Porter, a Navy destroyer, as part of a joint special operations exercise overseas. Additionally, images were captured of the SEALs scaling the ship with magnetic climbing gear.

The training event, held off the coast of Crete, a Greek island, took place last October. Photographs of the exercise were made available through the Defense Video Imagery System, or DVIDS, according to a report by Popular Mechanics.

A set of images, reflecting activities during a joint Greek-US Navy special operations forces exercise, showcased Navy SEALs boarding the USS Porter using a variety of approaches, including underwater diving and personal watercrafts.

The Yamaha personal watercrafts, known for being quick and incredibly maneuverable, are Yamaha 2016 FX Cruiser SHOs which are used by the Navy Special Forces Command.

In the images, a modified variant can be seen, featuring an inflatable ski collar, which is reported to improve stability, provide additional floatation, and increase shock absorption. Further, it could enhance the carrying capacity of the craft, listed at 490 pounds for the consumer model, allowing up to three SEALs equipped with armor, ammunition, and weapons to ride together.

The magnetic climbing system viewed may be the REBS Magnetic Climbing System, according to the report. It features a pair of hand grips and set of shoes that are fitted with magnets, allowing SEALs to scale metal surfaces, such as ship hulls, with relative ease.

H. Henriksen, the manufacturer, even claims that the system can be used by divers, allowing them to begin their climb from beneath the surface of the water.