Colorized Photos of WWII Aircraft Bring the Experience to Life

Paul Reynolds, a design engineer, painstakingly colorized a sent of images from WWII, bring new life to the photographs and highlighting the events surrounding each photo. The collection includes a downed aircraft engulfed in a raging inferno, military members working on fighter jets, and even the atomic bomb, nicknamed Fat Man, that was destined to go down in history.

All of the images were originally captured in black and white, according to a report by the Daily Mail, but Reynolds’ skillful hand updated them for the 21st century by adding true-to-life color to each photo.

One image shows members the Royal Air Force’s 92 Squadron attempting to push a Supermarine Spitfire Mark VIII from the mud in Canne, Italy, while another includes a US Marine Squadron of Corsairs seen warming up before a strike against Japanese forces.

A Douglas SBD “Dauntless” dive bomber is shown balancing on its nose after a crash landing on the flight deck of a carrier.

The crash landing on the deck of the USS Enterprise is also featured. The pilot of the aircraft, Ensign Byron M. Johnson, was assisted by Lieutenant Walter L. Chewning Jr., seen climbing onto the plane, and managed to escape without significant injury.

A Tall Boy can be seen as it is lifted onto its career while an image of the Fat Man atomic bomb was captured not long before it was ultimately dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.

One photograph shows a Japanese Kugisho MXY7 Ohka Model 11, a kamikaze aircraft nicknamed “Baka” by American sailors, that was captured on April 1, 1945.

An image of a damaged Grumman TBF Avenger was also colorized.

Multiple Nazi planes, which were believed to be prototypes, can be seen after being captured by the US and brought to a field located in Seymour, Indiana, where they were likely dismantled to help determine what technology and building strategy were used in their creation.