Check Out This Epic Documentary About the A-10 Warthog in Combat [VIDEO]

A documentary featuring information about the A-10 Warthog close air support jet made its way onto social media even though the video, titled “Grunts in the Sky,” was previously withheld from the public. A Facebook group filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the footage, though it was never fulfilled. However, the video somehow ended up on YouTube anyway.

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“Grunts in the Sky,” a name that pays tribute to A-10 pilots having a greater likeness to their ground-based counterparts than other Air Force pilots, features interviews with a variety of military personnel associated with the A-10, including pilots, those who called in air strikes, and ground soldiers who were supported by the jets.

According to the video, the footage was collected by USAF Combat Camera during operations in the summer of 2014 in Afghanistan.

Interviews with A-10 pilots that are featured in the documentary show them discussing why they decided to fly the Warthogs and what the experience of supporting ground troops, during engagements with enemy forces, felt like, including when gunshots could be heard over the radio while the air strikes were being coordinated.

The video also features interviews with Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), US Air Force personnel that were embedded with the ground troops who are specifically trained to coordinate with pilots to ensure bombs land on target.

US Army soldiers are also included in the documentary, describing their experience of operating while the A-10s soared overhead.

The documentary includes footage of the A-10 in action as well, including low-level flight maneuvers and firing at ground targets using the 30-millimeter GAU-8/A nose-mounted Gatling gun.

Why the footage was considered classified isn’t immediately clear, according to a report by Popular Mechanics, as the footage doesn’t appear to reveal any procedures, tactics, or techniques that would necessitate that level of secrecy.