Can You Spot the Camouflaged British Solider?

A soldier’s ability to become invisible and blend in with the environment is invaluable. Numerous photos have shown the public just how hard it is to find a camouflaged soldier. The real trick is not changing your environment but merely adapting to it. The British Army posted a photo on their Twitter to show how well their soldier is hidden.

A misty photo of the Section Commander’s Battle Course in Wales was posted on Twitter Friday with the caption reading: “Can you spot the soldier in this image?”

There were plenty of people who found it difficult to find the camouflaged soldier, but by the end of the day, numerous people found the soldier by noting irregularities in the photo.

Dr. Cath McGrath claimed to have found the soldier almost immediately looking at the photo. “Shape shine shadow? Too easy,” he wrote.

The main irregularity that helped viewers to spot the soldier was his headgear. Hundreds of people wrote a similar response to Finn Wilson, “his helmet gives him away.”

Former SAS Sabre Squadron Sergeant Major and Regimental Sergeant Major, James Deegan MC had a unique take on what made the soldier stand out the most. “Yep rear pouch undone slight shine from his mess tin. Failure to get basics right get you clipped,” he wrote.

It seems you don’t need to be a man will immense military experience to find the soldier quickly. Photographer and farmer Tim Jones said the soldier should be punished for being found so easily. “Yes. A couple of fronds of bracken on the helmet needed. 40 push ups,” he said. “Helmet stands out a mile get some fern branches on it.”

The main consensus seems to be that the soldier could do better by adding minute details to help him blend into his surroundings more and to help him hide from a potential enemy.