Astonishing Color Images from ‘The Forgotten War’ in Korea

While it’s often referred to as “The Forgotten War,” the Korean War left an indelible impression on many. The conditions were extreme, though a lack of direct impact on the American population resulted in it not being as well remembered World War II. One Imgur user created a post, featuring a range of color images, serving as a great reminder.

Imgur user Vitolupe created a post that featured a series of color images from the Korean War, depicting some of the people, weapons, scenes and other events those who fought in the war witnessed.

Some of the images are difficult to see, and not suitable for all audiences, but they serve as an excellent reminder of what war can mean, shining a light on “The Forgotten War.”

A number of the images feature events from the Battle of the Punchbowl, showing the results of a US Navy bombing and troops overlooking the area.

Weapons like the Howitzer are also shown, as well as a Marine using a flamethrower and an M26 Pershing.

Multiple images of helicopters are included, including a Medevac.

Some pictures show the emotional toll of war, with one US soldier comforting another while in the Haktong-ni Area in 1950, while another shows a Marine caring for a kitten.

While photographs don’t depict all of the realities of war, they do serve as a strong reminder of what service members face when they are called upon to fight.