Arlington National Cemetery worker carries World War II vet to visit wife’s grave. [VIDEO]

There are very few veterans of World War II still with us. George Boone is one of them, but the old B-24 Liberator pilot and former prisoner of war isn’t a spry as he used to be. And his wife Alma has gone before him. She is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Boone was at the cemetery last week and wanted to visit his wife’s grave, but he had trouble getting around. That’s when one worker from the cemetery stepped up and carried him.

The piggyback ride was certainly atypical. Boone was in D.C. for an Honor Flight, a veterans tour. These are action packed tours for most 90-year-olds. There isn’t a lot of spare time for stopping off and visiting grave, but Boone made a special request and the side-trip was arranged.

There was only one problem. When they got out onto the grass, Boone realized he’d forgotten his wheelchair. He was going to have to stay at a distance.

“I just sort of gave up on the whole thing and thought I would have to visit her from that distance,” Boone told Fox.

Then, the cemetery worker stepped up and put Boone on his back. “I thought — carry me at my age, size and weight?”

Boone, who was shot down over Romania in 1943, survived the war. And he survived what must have been an uncomfortable ride to his wife’s grave. It was worth it for him, though. They were married for 56 years. He will be buried at Arlington, too.

“I would like [for the man] to know how greatly I appreciate what he did. His kindness was overwhelming.”