A-10 Vaporizes Taliban Insurgents Inside Moving Vehicle With Mind-Blowing Accuracy [VIDEO]

The distinctive “BRRTT” sound the A-10 Warthog makes after firing hundreds of rounds in mere seconds would strike fear into even the toughest enemy. The U.S. Air Force Central Command Public Affairs office put the A-10 Thunderbolt II’s destructive power on full display after releasing a recently declassified video showing an A-10 obliterating Taliban insurgents inside a moving vehicle.

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The video shows a truck carrying Taliban members traveling at a high rate of speed down a dirt road. The A-10’s GAU-8 Avenger 30mm, seven-barrel Gatling-type cannon was put to the test and passed with flying colors. The A-10 was able to strike the quickly moving target with ease.

According to Business Insider, the Taliban members in the truck were fleeing from an attack they had just conducted. They were reported to be armed with machine guns that they had just used to carry out an attack on Afghan soldiers.

As the A-10 lines up the shot, you can see bullets riddling the dirt surrounding the truck. Once the dirt clears there are two massive 30mm rounds through the roof of the car. The hood of the car also has a large round that more than likely made the car inoperable.

A few moments pass and the A-10 makes another strafing run at the Taliban vehicle, this time sideways. More dirt is kicked up as the vehicle is subsequently destroyed. The video, nor the government, reveal if the Taliban members inside the vehicle died, but it’s a safe assumption.

According to Funker530, the US has conducted 30 of these precise airstrikes on various Taliban soldiers and training facilities.

“Taliban training facilities in Badakhshan province, preventing the planning and rehearsal of terrorist acts near the border with China and Tajikistan. The strikes also destroyed stolen Afghan National Army vehicles that were in the process of being converted to vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices,” one military spokesperson said following the release of the video.

Sadly, there was no sound to go along with the recently declassified video. If you’re looking to get your fix hearing the bone-chilling sound of an A-10 firing rounds, check out the other articles we have written that are sure to satisfy all of your A-10 needs.