Watch an Amphibious Military Vehicle Perform an Epic Belly Flop

To say that members of the military can be hard on their equipment is an understatement. After all, you can’t really handle things gingerly in the midst of combat. With that in mind, one country’s Marines pushed an amphibious military vehicle to its limits, flying off a dock and effectively belly flopping into the water.

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Indonesia, a massive 17,508-island archipelago, according to a report by Popular Mechanics, relies heavily on its Navy and Marines, ensuring they project enough military power to keep potential enemies at bay.

The video shows some antics performed by the Indonesian Marines, or Korps Marinir, with an American-made amphibious assault vehicle, an LVTP-7, which is an older variant of the AAV-7 amphibious vehicle used by the US Marine Corps.

Instead of gently steering into the water, they decide to up the speed, sending the vehicle flying toward the ocean.

For a brief moment, the amphibious vehicle catches some air, sitting suspended over the water before it comes crashing down.

The splash alone is impressive.

The decision to perform the belly flop likely wasn’t an intelligent one, as the stress of the vehicle, which weighs 29 tons, crashing into the ocean after reaching a speed of approximately 20 mph probably didn’t do the aluminum hull or suspension any favors.

Additionally, the force at which the LVTP-7 hit the water likely shoved seawater, which can be corrosive, into parts of the vehicle that usually aren’t exposed.

It isn’t known how many people were in the LVTP-7, which can carry a crew of three and up to 18 combat troops, though there was at least a driver on board.

Regardless of whether the move could be considered reckless, it created some great footage that might entice citizens of Indonesia to join the Korps Marinir.