Watch a Blacksmithing Patriot Forge a Knife Using Beer, Bacon, and French Fries

There is nothing more American than beer, bacon, and french fries, but throw a hand-forged “Merica!” knife into the mix, made just from those ingredients, and you’ve got our attention. Steve Calvert from YouTube’s Green Beetle, a website that prides itself on creating old-fashion, American midlevel weaponry, shows how he creates this unique weapon.

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Calvert begins crafting the knife by first getting his hands on some iron – the essential ingredient in a knife. He plans to turn his iron into steel using, of all things, a bag of crushed up tums. The tums act as carbon and when combined with the iron, create steel.

He then begins to forge the steel using extreme heat that exceeds 2300 F. in order to shape his knife. He draws out his billet to the desired length he wants for the knife and begins to work on the makimg a point.

The next portion of the process is about as patriotic and “Merica!” as you can get. Calvert takes a pitcher of beer to quench the knife as soon as he removes it from the heat. Once the knife has been quenched in the beer, it is then immediately quenched in oil as well. Calvert explains that if he quenched the knife in beer only, it would be too hard on the knife and could ruin it.

After his knife has started to take on the desired shape, he sets his sights on making the handle. He starts the process by throwing a slab of bacon down on the stove. Once cooked, he pours acetone on top of the bacon and then puts the bacon into cactus juice resin.

He pours the “crystal clear” resin on it and then shapes the handles against the grinder. After it is shaped and smooth, Calvert explains that he will be using hex barrel nuts as fasteners, so there’s the option to remove the handle in case the bacon or fries goes rancid — literally.

Once the knife and handle are complete and screwed together, he does a few tests to make sure it cuts.

First, he tests it on paper, which obviously cuts easily. Calvert then cuts into a McDonald’s hamburger like it was butter. Only in America can you find a forged knife with a bacon and french fry handle quenched in beer. Is this country great or what?