Video Shows How to Turn a Dollar Bill into an Origami F-18 Fighter

While every American dollar could be considered a symbol of freedom, you can take it to the next level, surprising cashiers, waitstaff, and any other person you pay with cash with an origami F-18 made from standard currency. The process is somewhat lengthy, but the end results make it worth the effort.

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Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. The process is used to create decorative shapes and a variety of figures from standard pieces of paper.

While origami wasn’t originally used with currency, the principles can easily be applied to various bills.

A YouTube video provides easy to follow instructions for turning any American paper currency (or a properly sized sheet of paper) into an F-18 fighter.

The tutorial shows the folding done with a sheet of green paper, making it easier to observe the folds. But, since the proportions are the same to bills, you can follow along using any denomination of American paper currency.

Some of the folds are a bit complex, but the video also makes a point to pause to show you what the result of each key step should look like, helping you stay on track.

They also use a pen to mark certain lines to help define where specific folds should be, but you don’t need to use a pen to complete the process.