Video Shows How to DIY Your Own Boring Company Flamethrower. On a Budget. [VIDEO]

While we don’t recommend that people construct their own versions of Elon Musk’s’ Boring Company flamethrower, which retails for about $500, a video posted on YouTube shows that it is certainly possible to accomplish such a feat. Plus, by taking a DIY approach, it’s a lot less expensive than buying the real deal.

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The video-based instructions, posted on the “So I Had This Idea…” channel, shows exactly what it took to construct the flamethrower. Even though the resulting flamethrower says “The Boring Company” on the side, it is actually a replica.

All of the parts were purchased online, with the most expensive component being the airsoft gun used (which retails for about $120). Everything else, like the propane torch, tubing, and fuel, is generally considered widely accessible.

It does take some time to construct the flamethrower, especially since great care would need to be exercised to avoid a potentially serious catastrophe.

The instructions were created by reverse engineering the Boring Company’s design.

There is also a range of flamethrowers for sale, though, according to a report by Popular Mechanics, many of them cost significantly more than Musk’s version.

It’s important to note that local laws vary in regards to the ownership of flamethrowers, so, just because you can build one, doesn’t mean it is wise to do so, both from a safety and legal standpoint.