Nothing Says ‘America’ Like These 8 Landmarks

There are unique landmarks all across the country, but some of them speak directly to the heart of the American experience. Whether they are considered welcome signs to weary travelers, marvels of engineering, or simply awe-inspiring, they are certainly bucket list worthy for any person who wants to experience a mix of history and patriotic splendor.

The Statue of Liberty

Nothing says, “Welcome to America,” quite like the Statue of Liberty. This 152-foot wonder, placed on top of an 89-foot pedestal, was a gift from France but is now a quintessential American landmark.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall plays a significant role in history, being the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Constitution was ratified, and George Washington was confirmed as the Continental Army’s commander in chief.

It is located near the Liberty Bell, another historic landmark, so those who wish to experience one can easily make a side trip to the other.

The National Mall

Home to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and many others, the National Mall houses a collection of great landmarks. It is also bordered by a vast array of museums, making it incredibly easy to spend a day, or even a week, enjoying everything the area has to offer.

The St. Louis Arch

Considered an iconic structure, the St. Louis Arch is located in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park. It serves as a symbol of the city’s status as the Gateway to the West, and a quick ride to the top gives visitors stunning views of the city.

The Hoover Dam

Harnessing the power of the Colorado River, this feat of engineering generates electricity and aids in providing water to seven states. It features Art Deco styling, and tours are available for those who want to take a glimpse at the inner workings of this landmark.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This massive suspension bridge was completed in 1937 and connects San Francisco with neighboring Marin County. The two-mile long marvel has towers reaching 750-feet, and its distinct color makes it easy to spot. Plus, the walkways offer unparalleled views of the Bay Area, making it a stroll to remember.

Mount Rushmore

Images of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt were carved directly into the granite of a cliff, creating one of the country’s most recognizable memorials. During the summer months, the faces are lit at night, creating a dramatic scene nestled in one of the nation’s most beautiful landscapes.

The Alamo

The Alamo, once a Franciscan mission, is a symbol of the 189 Texans who fought and died over the course of a 13-day battle with Mexican general Santa Anna. “Remember the Alamo” even served as a rallying cry as they continued their bid for independence.

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