Your Hilarious Guide to Making Military Language Business Friendly

To say that military personnel are renown for their use of colorful language is likely an understatement. How service members speak to one another is largely accepted in the military community, but usually wouldn’t fly in the business world. One Imgur poster shared some common examples of the differences in the “dialects,” functioning as a cheat-sheet for quick translations.

The gallery of translations was posted by an Imgur user under the name “Squatch65,” providing some instructions regarding how some of the language used by military members should be “translated” for use in the business world.

Colorful language is prevalent in the gallery, showcasing the scope of the differences in how some people speak in the military in comparison to the civilian business world.

One image recommends, instead of saying, “Listen here f******,” that people should try, “May I have your attention please.”

Another stated, “Instead of ‘Apologize to that plant for working so hard to create the oxygen that you’re stealing,” people should use “I’m not sure that’s the direction we want to take Mark.”

The post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as not every statement from a member of the military is filled with curse words, and the business world isn’t a guaranteed refuge for decorum.

However, anyone who has been in or around the military has likely encountered, if not used, some of these phrases, or at least something similar.