Fan Heckles Hockey Player When He Gets Injured, Gets Immediate Lesson in Karma [VIDEO]

Whenever a player gets injured during a game, it’s customary for fans, even those supporting the other team, to be good sports. You would never wish ill will on a player who’d been hurt. However during this hockey game, one fan thought it would be funny to taunt an injured player. That is until karma stepped in.

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Ice hockey player Steve Sullivan was going for the puck when he was hit in the face by a stick. Blood began to pour from his nose. As he made his way to the bench, one fan started to make fun of Sullivan’s injury.

Sullivan and the fan exchanged a few inaudible words, and Sullivan explained after the game that they weren’t words he could say on TV.

Sullivan’s minor injury didn’t keep him out for long. Shortly after he went back in, a puck is seen flying across the ice and hopping over the barrier erected to protect fans.

The announcer realized the puck had hit a fan. At about the same time, Sullivan realizes that the fan who was injured was the same fan that had heckled him a few minutes earlier.

Sullivan swung by to see how the fan felt after being injured and apparently decided to give him a bit of his own medicine. There’s no account of what was said by Sullivan or the fan, but Sullivan’s earlier words probably sum it up – “it probably can’t be said on TV.”

The fan’s girlfriend is seen laughing on the video as Sullivan skates over to comment on her boyfriend’s injury. The man was obviously angry, and probably a bit embarrassed, but it is proof that it doesn’t take long for karma to circle back around.

Maybe next time an athlete is injured, this fan will think twice before heckling him.