Champion Rider Paralyzed By Car Crash, But One Year Later She Is Back In The Saddle [VIDEO]

This story is miraculous. There’s no other way to describe the way Amberley Snyder’s story unfolds. Yet there’s more to this than the traumatic crash that begins the story, and more to it than the incredible images of Snyder’s return to the saddle. The long time between was filled with faith, family love, and a tremendous amount of work.

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Snyder was hooked on rodeo riding from the time she was a toddler. She was a barrel racer. But a split-second over-correction in her pickup truck derailed her dreams of being a champion.

The accident happened after she looked down at a map. She drifted into the opposite lane. When she looked up, she jerked the wheel, and the truck rolled. That was in January of 2010.

Snyder had taken off her seat belt. As the truck rolled, she was thrown from the truck and into a fence post. was just 18 years old, and her life changed in that instant.

Snyder was paralyzed from the waist down. Without the use of her legs, she wouldn’t be able to walk. Riding was out of the question. A five-hour surgery saved her life, but her dreams of riding in the rodeo were going to be impossible.

Yet that isn’t what happened. Snyder went through therapy, and found that she was actually quite capable of balancing in the saddle. Horses, though, are far less predictable than a saddle in a therapy clinic. Snyder hadn’t been near the stable for almost a year, mainly becasue of her depression which stemmed from the loss of her dream.

Then a reporter called. This was 11 months after the accident. The follow-up article on her recovery needed some photographs, and Snyder agreed to take them at the stable, and on a horse. It was a bold move for her, but one she now calls a “game-changer.”

The video below shows just how far she’s come. She’s back in the saddle, and she is back in the competition.

In the time since the accident, Snyder has become an inspiration to many. And she continues to ride.