Become Wolverine with a Set of Retractable Popsicle Stick Claws

If you have 15 popsicle sticks, or a willingness to eat 15 popsicles, you can live out your Wolverine-related fantasies by crafting a set of wearable retractable claws. While the mechanisms may seem complex on the surface, the process of creating these novelties is actually very simple, and it only requires some everyday supplies.

To begin your quest to become Wolverine, aside from the 15 popsicle sticks, you’ll need some rubber bands, glue, a basic hobby knife, a ruler, a pencil, a drill, a file, a piece of paper, and a handy set of instructions.

Luckily, The Q YouTube channel published a simple video guide, showing you largely step-by-step how to craft the retractable claws.

You begin by measuring out a rectangle on one of the popsicle sticks, which will function as a guide for the cutout. Both the remaining portion of the popsicle stick and the cutout section is used in the design, so don’t discard the pieces as you go through the building process.

Additionally, a few small pieces of popsicle stick are required. While the video doesn’t show the exact number in advance, or their size, it’s pretty easy to estimate based on the images.

Next, you’ll carve out the claw by first shaving down a new popsicle stick and then cutting out the actual claw.

After inserting the claw into the box you created, you build the support mechanisms for the rubber bands, allowing the claw to pop forward when triggered without having them fly out of the container.

With the help of a drill, you’ll need to add a few holes. The video shows a round piece of wood that isn’t described in the video, though it is likely either a very small dowel or a robust toothpick.

A few notches also have to be filed in to complete the design.

Once the main structure of the claw is complete, you add the rubber bands. The exact type of rubber bands isn’t specified, but the color and size may provide some indication.

A working set of retractable claws involves repeated the main construction process three times, and adhering all three claws together. You’ll also create a wristband out of a sheet of paper, giving you additional support when donning your claws.

Once all of the glue is dry, you’ll have a working set of retractable Wolverine-style claws for you to enjoy whenever the mood strikes.

h/t Sploid