8 Reasons You Should Date a Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

You can tell a lot about a date by the drink they order. If she orders wine, she may enjoy the finer things in life. But, if she orders a whiskey, you know she is a rare breed. If you ever find a woman whose drink of choice is whiskey, pursue her. You will thank yourself later.

There are plenty of reasons to pursue a woman who drinks whiskey. Here are just a few.

1. She Can Hold Her Liquor 

You want to find a mate that is compatible with your alcohol consumption. With that being said, a girl choosing whiskey at a bar full of fruity drinks is someone to pay attention to. It tells you one of two things — she can hold her liquor, and she isn’t afraid to let her wild side loose in public.

2. She is a Strong Independent Woman

A girl who drinks whiskey knows her limits and knows her limit. It also tells you she is used to taking care of herself, and you will have to work for her approval. She came to the bar for a good time but is content doing her own thing with or without you.

3. She Knows What She Wants

Drinking whiskey when she could choose drinks like a vodka soda or flavored beer tells you she knows what she likes and she won’t settle for anything less. It takes a certain kind of person to know what they want and you can normally tell what that is by their drink choice.

4. She is an Old Soul

A woman who drinks whiskey is mature. You will never see college girls choosing the harsh, yet satisfying, taste of a whiskey. They’re sure to be downing vodka cranberries instead and getting into fist fights with other girls in their vicinity. A woman who drinks whiskey is someone who is equally content sitting at the house drinking a whiskey and binge-watching The Office all night.

5. There is a High Chance She is a Profound Thinker

When you think of whiskey drinkers, your mind might immediately drift towards men in an old smoke room sipping away and talking politics or stocks. The same can be said about women. They normally have sophisticated hobbies and some depth. Maybe she’s writing her novel with a Jim Bean bottle sitting next to her.

6. She is a Badass

There is some truth to the stereotype that whiskey drinkers are badasses. Chances are she is not afraid to eat a massive steak in front of you. Does she order broccoli to watch her girlish figure? No, she gets loaded mash potatoes because she is not there to appease you or social norms.

7. She is Unpredictable

You knew she was unpredictable the second you noticed she ordered a whiskey. She will continue to be unpredictable in the best way and always keep you on your toes. She lives a lifestyle that would put other girls to shame and is damn proud of it.

8. She Can Hang With They Guys

You will never hear a girl who drinks whiskey wanting to stay in and watch home improvement shows while you go and grab a drink with the boys. No, she will be grabbing her coat before you are even off the phone ready to go. She won’t be the kind of girl who wants to head home at 11 either. She is the girl who makes you glad you found a fellow whiskey connoisseur.