Watch an F-22 Raptor Dominate Five F-15 Eagles at Once. [VIDEO]

The F-22 Raptor is an impressive, and expensive, aircraft. While its top speed of Mach 2.2 is slower than an F-15, which comes in at Mach 2.5, the F-22’s cruising speed is an astonishing Mach 1.6. The fighter is also heavily armed, carrying four AIM-9 and four AIM-120 missiles as well as being equipped with a 20mm M61 cannon.

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While a dogfight involving a single F-22 Raptor and five F-15 Eagles doesn’t seem like a fair fight on the surface, the Raptor came to play.

The Eagles are also well-equipped, commonly carrying a similar missile loadout to the F-22 along with a 20mm M61, according to a report by We Are the Mighty.

Video of the encounter, which was actually a training exercise, shows the F-22 pitted against a handful of F-15s.

Fans of the F-15 expected the fighters to dominate, but the F-22 wasn’t an easy foe, demonstrating clear air superiority during the exercise.

No actual missiles were used during the exercise, but the scenario was designed to mimic real combat, so simulated missile shots were fired. Each side was treating the other as though they were an actual threat, ensuring that no mercy was given during the encounter.

Col. Timothy Merrell, the sole Raptor pilot during the exercise, admitted that his biggest concern regarding facing his “five adversaries” was “running out of weapons too soon.”

During the exercise, in an impressive display, the Raptor managed to pick off the F-15s one by one, proving wrong anyone who doubted the stealth fighter’s capabilities.