U-2 Pilot Takes Stunning Photos from the Edge of Space

Few people get to personally experience the view from an altitude of around 70,000 feet. Luckily, U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane pilot and instructor Ross Franquemont is a talented photographer, and he brings along a camera so he can capture images from his missions to the edge of space to share with the world.

Franquemont is part of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron out of Beale Air Force Base in California and a skilled Dragon Lady pilot.

As he soars through the skies at heights reaching approximately 70,000 feet, according to a report by The Aviationist, he takes photographs of the view as well as some selfies.

Some of his photos show recognizable parts of the landscape, like the coast of California and San Francisco Bay.

Others show Franquemont admiring the view.

He even created a composite image of the eclipse that occurred on August 21.

Franquemont also shared an image that features some of his son’s toys that pull double duty as both mascots and a way to protect his camera during the journey.

The images are truly something to behold, giving others a glimpse of what it looks like at the edge of space.