F-35 Flyovers in Star Wars Canyon Is Everything You Need Today [VIDEO]

Professional photographers were hired to capture stunning images of F-35As cruising over Rainbow Canyon, also known as “Star Wars Canyon” and the military route name “The Jedi Transition.” A pair of aircraft dropped below the rim before flying low over the numerous cameras positioned along the rim. Dafydd Philips, one of the photographers, also captured inspiring video of the event.

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The F-35As belonged to the Netherlands Air Force, who were invited to come to Death Valley for a visit and to enjoy a romp through the canyon.

Philips has previously photographed low-flying aircraft at Mach Loop in the UK and was invited to travel to the US to capture images from America’s own prime aircraft photography destination.

The photography event was coordinated Frank Crebas, a fellow flight photographer, Rich Cooper of the Centre of Aviation Photography, and Time Laurence, the location coordinator. The 323rd Test Evaluation Squadron (TES) from Edwards Air Force Base also played a large role in making the event a success.

As reported by The Drive, Crebas has previously captured images of Edwards AFB F-35s, many of which have been shared over social media. Cooper also takes photographs of aircraft in flight as well as coordinates opportunities or other photographers.

While this isn’t the first time F-35s have soared through the canyon, it was particularly well documented, and some of the shots are truly awe-inspiring. The backdrop is something to behold in its own right, creating unique opportunities for photographers, and the terrain allows pilots to navigate through a landscape they might not otherwise easily access.

The pilots also gained valuable experience in low-level flying, which can be a complex task, while also boosting public awareness F-35 programs.


Posted by Dafydd Phillips on Friday, December 1, 2017